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Western Saddle Trees

Super Strong Fibre Glass Tree

1. Super Strong Fibre Glass Tree(Wood reinforced),It has two extra layers of fibre coated to it, that is why we call it "Super Strong" which comes with 7 Years Tree Warranty. Fibre Trees are available in sizes starting from 6" to 18" .If you have any specific requirements on sizing for a saddle please get in touch and it will be taken care of.

Plastic Trees(Flexible Polymer)

2. Plastic Trees(Flexible Polymer)- These are the highest quality of trees which can be used to craft a western saddle. It is also called Opti-flex tree which changes its shape over the time to the shape of horses back .Its heavier than fibre tree .A minor drawback of these trees is , they are available in limited number of styles at this time. Saddles made on Plastic trees are $40.00 expensive than the saddles made on fiberglass tree.

  • Sizes from 13" to 18"
  • Life Time Tree Warrantee
  • Available in deep and semi-deep seat
  • Cantle height 3.5" and 5"

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