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Leather Info


We only use Top quality Full Grain Leather(Vegetable tanned) which is soft,supple and ages with time and will hold its natural texture for life,provided being taken care of properly(Oiling over the time).

Leather is a natural product ,so we make sure each and every hide before taken in use to make a saddle or tack is inspected to make sure it has no cut marks or any stain marks and has consistent thickness on over all complete hide.All of our leather will be 4.00mm+ in thickness.

We also have availability of Argentinean Leather,American leather(Herman oak),Sedgwick (UK) and Italian leather.We directly import the respective leathers from respective countries to keep the prices low.We can use these leather in any of our products in case a client wants these to be used.Of course price differs while using any other leather than Indian leather.Prices you see on our products on our webpage are based on Indian leather until and unless it is specified on the product listing.Please contact us today through our email - info@achieversexports.com or contact forms for a quote based on imported leathers.

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